Chapman/Whitney Streetwalkers long awaited CD reissue

After Family’s break up in 1973, Roger Chapman and Charlie Whitney kept things going and recorded an album Streetwalkers, released in 1974. The long awaited official release of the tracks that comprised that first  Chapman/Whitney Streetwalkers album is taken from the original master tapes and re-sequenced by Roger Chapman. This has been much demanded and a long wait for fans of this excellent record. The tracks appear in the original order that the band wished to appear on the record but was changed by “management”. The CD features a new sleeve (per Chapman’s suggestion) plus sleeve notes by Pete Feenstra, lyrics and rare pictures of Roger Chapman and Charlie Whitney.

  1. Hangman
  2. Roxianna
  3. Sue & Betty Jean
  4. Call Ya
  5. Just 4 Men
  6. Tokyo Rose
  7. Creature Feature
  8. Parisienne High Heels
  9. Systematic Stealth
  10. Showbiz Joe

All songs written by Roger Chapman & John Whitney Vocals & Percussion – Roger Chapman Guitar & Steel Guitar – Charlie Whitney Keyboards – Max Middleton, Tim Hinkley Drums – Ian Wallace, Mike Giles Guitar – Neil Hubbard Bass – John Wetton, Rick Grech Brass & Woodwind – Mel Collins Congas – Godfrey McLean Vibraphone – Poli Palmer Backing Vocals – John Wetton, Boz Burrell, Linda Lewis, Jim Cregan.

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