R.I.P. John Wetton

John Kenneth Wetton
(12 June 1949 – 31 January 2017)

Read Peter Viney’s excellent tribute:

We are filled with profound sadness as we reflect on the remarkable life and incredible journey of John Wetton, whose recent passing leaves a void in our hearts. A treasured member of the Family band, John’s extraordinary talents resonated deeply within our musical endeavors. His mastery as a bassist, combined with his powerful vocal presence, brought a unique and unforgettable dynamic to the band.

During his time with Family, his contributions were pivotal in shaping our distinctive sound on groundbreaking albums like “Fearless” and “Bandstand.” His virtuosity can be heard woven throughout the tracks, creating a rich tapestry of music that was both innovative and soul-stirring. John Wetton’s time with us may have been brief, but it was intensely creative, a period where his musical prowess shone brightly, leaving a legacy that remains integral to the identity of Family.

His musicianship was an essential thread in the fabric of our soundscape, and his spirit will forever be an intrinsic part of the Family legacy. Even as we mourn his loss, we celebrate the passion and artistry he brought to the world. John’s melodies will continue to echo through our music and in the memories of his countless fans. Thank you, John, for your unforgettable contributions; your spirit and your music will forever be a part of the Family.