Rediscovering “A Song for Me”: Family’s Timeless Classic Reissued

Celebrating a Progressive Rock Milestone

Family fans, the moment to rediscover one of our landmark albums has arrived with the reissue of “A Song for Me”. Released in January 1970, this album marked a significant transition for the band, capturing a moment of change and innovation. This expanded edition, released by Esoteric Recordings on April 29, 2022, goes beyond a mere re-release, offering a fresh perspective on an album that beautifully encapsulates the band’s eclectic and adventurous spirit.

The Essence of “A Song for Me”

The reissue presents the original album in a remastered form, breathing new life into each track. Songs like “Drowned in Wine” and “Love Is a Sleeper” demonstrate the band’s ability to blend rock, soul, folk, jazz, and country influences, creating a rich tapestry of sound that was groundbreaking at the time. The addition of John Weider and Poli Palmer brought new textures and dimensions to the band’s music, with Palmer’s vibes, flute, and keyboards adding a unique flair. The album navigates through various musical landscapes, from the acoustic idyll of “Some Poor Soul” to the fervor of “The Cat and the Rat,” showcasing the band’s versatility and creative prowess.

Beyond the Original Album: A Rich Compilation

This reissue is more than just the original album. The second disc is a treasure trove for Family aficionados, featuring BBC session versions of album tracks and concert performances. These live renditions offer a glimpse into the band’s raw and compelling energy in a live setting, providing a different angle to appreciate the songs. The remastered edition also includes singles and B-sides like “No Mule’s Fool” and “Good Friend of Mine,” further enriching the listening experience. This compilation is not just a nostalgic trip but an exploration of Family’s evolution and the enduring relevance of their music.