Revisiting the Revolution: Family’s “Anyway” in New Light

Rediscovering a 1970 Classic

Family enthusiasts, get ready to immerse yourselves once again in the groundbreaking world of our 1970 classic, “Anyway,” now reissued in a captivating 2CD remastered and expanded set via Esoteric Recordings. Scheduled for release on April 28, this edition isn’t just a rewind of the past but a reinvigorated experience of an album that stands as a cornerstone in our journey. Featuring the original album, now meticulously remastered from the original masters, this set promises a sonic clarity and depth that breathes new life into beloved tracks like “Good News, Bad News,” “Willow Tree,” and “Holding the Compass.” Alongside these timeless classics, you’ll find four bonus tracks that add a new dimension to the Family experience.

A Fusion of Studio Mastery and Live Energy

The second CD of the set is a goldmine for those who relish in our live performances. Including 12 BBC Radio Sessions from 1970, it captures the raw, unbridled energy that defined Family on stage. These sessions offer a contrasting perspective to the studio recordings, highlighting our versatility and dynamic range as a band. From the fiery delivery of “Strange Band” to the introspective beauty of “Lives and Ladies,” these tracks showcase the breadth of our musical expression, further solidified by the enthusiastic response of our live audiences.

More Than Music: A Journey Through Time

Complementing the audio experience, this reissue also includes a booklet replete with a new essay, photos, and memorabilia, providing a richer context to “Anyway” and its significant place in our history. This collection is not just a walk down memory lane but a deep dive into the soul of Family, shedding light on our creative process and the evolution of our sound during a pivotal era. For both long-time fans and newcomers to our music, this reissue of “Anyway” is an essential piece of progressive rock history, offering a complete and immersive experience of Family’s enduring legacy.