“Fearless” Revisited: A Deeper Dive into Family’s Progressive Masterpiece

Rediscovering the Depths of a 1971 Classic for True Fans

Dear Family aficionados, the moment to revisit one of our most beloved albums has arrived. The “Fearless” 3CD Expanded Edition, via Esoteric Records, released on September 29, 2023, is not just a trip down memory lane; it’s an exploration deeper into the genius that is Family. This remastered edition brings back the eclectic essence of “Fearless,” originally released in October 1971, with a fresh vibrancy that both honors and elevates our shared musical journey.

The Three Dimensions of “Fearless”

This special edition is a three-part saga, each disc offering its own narrative. The first disc revisits the original “Fearless” album, now remastered to perfection, and includes the bonus tracks “In My Own Time” and “Seasons,” bringing new life to these timeless songs. The second disc features a collection of BBC live sessions, a testament to our dynamic stage presence and the electric atmosphere of our live performances. The third disc is a treasure trove for any Family fan – a live BBC In Concert broadcast from Christmas 1971, showcasing the raw power and emotional depth of our music.

An Album That Speaks Volumes to Our Fans

Each track in this reissue is a chapter in the Family story, with songs like “Spanish Tide” and “Burning Bridges” demonstrating our unique blend of rock, folk, and avant-garde influences. This edition also includes an illustrated booklet with a new essay, offering deeper insights into the album and its place in our history. This is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a journey through the evolution of progressive rock, as seen through the eyes of Family.