6 responses to “Processions – Chords & Tabs”

  1. Francis Houart Avatar
    Francis Houart

    Good to find a site about family, pity they aren’t more guitar tabs to be found.Was a great bunch of top musicians .Lot to learn from.

  2. Jim Avatar

    So weird that such a great band, great singer – is so under represented. Thank for doing what you do.

    1. fbandstand Avatar

      Thanks Jim! Only wish I could do more…!

  3. Chris Avatar

    Yes would love to see more chords and tabs on there songs been looking for awhile. Top band followed them from the 1960;s till now. Good to see Rogers still rocking.

    1. fbandstand Avatar

      Thanks. The chords page definitely needs some attention and updating. These were roughly worked out and posted over 20 years ago!

  4. Andy Avatar

    Wow, this is an impressive piece of work. Thank you so much. Huge fun working my way through the concert list and working out which ones I attended. So many memories, such a good time.
    Now if only I can find the broken tambourine I caught at the Colston Hall Bristol!

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