The Rockin’ R’s

Now don’t you stop, mr. record-jock
Gotta get up and dance again
See the babe with the shapely leg
Well I got her mate
Said she’s really hooked, and gettin’ all shook up
So I just keep on singin’
You keep rockin’ and we’ll keep boppin’
We’ll show you the way

We’re slipping and sliding
Floating and gliding
Me and my baby, we’re all set to ride
We’re rolling the coaster, gettin’ hotter than toast, yeah
Buddy gonna get ** and a-high-heel steppin’ that rock ‘n’ roll stride

She’s a blue-jean queen, and I’m a rock machine
We’re shaking our makers now
Gee it’s hot, can we keep it up
Goin’ round and around

Record’s stopped cause it’s twelve o’clock
And the band’s taking over now
Music fuels my blue-suede shoes
Couldn’t stop if I tried


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