Sat’d’y Barfly

Well I was downtown cruisin’ in my low slung cat
Diamond pin and a funky hat
Mohair suit and new white spats

Spot a juke joint blastin’ and I cut my boost
Well it’s Sat’d’y night and I’m hanging loose
I’m looking out to cut my juice

Well I swing those doors and I bust right in
I see Louise there and I just grin
Unroll my hip, and shout Hey gimme a gin

The band’s still wailin’ and it’s 4 a.m.
Me and Louise we’re just hangin’ on in
We’re drinkin’ wine now – they ran out of gin

We’re drunk as hell but we’re feeling fine
If we leave now then we’ll just have time
Where we goin’ Louise, your place or mine?

Hoo, Saturday night…
What’s that Louise, what’s that in sight?
Little old Mustang, now we’re gonna pass on the right
Hey Mustang, we gotta wait all night for you
We gotta wait all night for you
Woah Louise, Saturday night’s gonna do
Move a little closer, get up, get up and tighten up
Leave it out, Louise, leave it out

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