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“Scene Through the Eye of a Lens/Gypsy Woman”

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1967LibertyLBF10531UK test press.
1967 SeptLibertyLBF10531
UK w/ leaflet
1967LibertyLBF10531UK mispress
plays “Let Me Be Good To You”
(STAX 601021)

“Me My Friend/Hey Mr. Policeman”

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1968 JuneRepriseRS23270
Me My Friend promo label
UK pic.
1968RepriseR 3270Family-MeMyFriend-Dutch
 French pic. 

Family-MeMyFriend-PSFamily - Me My Friend dutch 45Dutch pic.

“Old Songs New Songs/Hey Mr. Policeman”

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1968 JulyRepriseRA0786
German pic.
1968Reprise69.705Family - OSNS Turkish psTurkey pic.
?? Yugoslavia pic. ??
1968 Nov
US promo

1968Reprise0786US promo
A and B-sides switched

“Second Generation Woman/Hometown”

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1968RepriseRS23315UK promo – inc. card
1968 NovRepriseRS23315
French pic.
1968Reprise0809US promo
1968PyePY291UK acetate – A side only

“No Mule’s Fool/Good Friend of Mine” (#29 UK)

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1969 OctRepriseRS27001UK
1969 OctRepriseRS27001Family-NoMulesFool-French
Dutch pic.
French pic.
1969RepriseRA27001German pic.
1969 Dec
RepriseRO27001Family - No Mules Fool NZ issueFamily - No Mules Fool NZ issue b side
New Zealand issue

“Today/Songs for Lots”

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1970 AprilRepriseRS27005Family-Today-UKUK pic.

“Songs for Lots/Today”

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German pic.
1970RepriseRV20240French pic.

“Strange Band/Weaver’s Answer (remix)/Hung Up Down (remix)” (#11 UK)

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1970 AugustRepriseRS27009
UK pic. – old label
1970RepriseRS27009UK, Dutch pic. – new label
French pic.
German pic.
1970 Sep
New Zealand issue

“Strange Band/Hung Up Down (remix)”

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1970RepriseR21-141S. African issue

“Mujer de la Segunda Generacion/How Hi the Li”

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Argentina pic.

“Strange Band/No Mule’s Fool”

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1971RepriseN6-66Portugese pic.
1971RepriseH 654Spanish pic.
“Extrana Orquestra/So Soy un Burro”

“In My Own Time/Seasons” (#4 UK)

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1971 JuneRepriseK14090

UK issue
1971RepriseK14090UK issue
blank – track details missing
1971RepriseK14090UK issue
B-side labels on both sides
1971RepriseK14090Family - In My Own Time dutch psDutch pic.
1971RepriseN6611Family - In My Own Time Portugal psPortuguese pic.

French pic.
1971RepriseK 14090
Ireland issue
1971RepriseRE14090German pic.
Greek issue
1971 Sep
RepriseK 14090Family - In My Own Time Italy psItalian pic.
Japanese pic.
1971 Aug
United Artists50832Family - In My Own Time US ps coverFamily - In My Own Time US ps backUS pic.
1971RepriseRO14090 Family - In My Own Time NZ issueFamily - In My Own Time NZ issue b sideNew Zealand issue
1971Reprise31.718Family - In My Own Time argentina promoArgentina issue
“En Mi Proprio Tempo/Seasons”

“Sat’d’y Barfly/Spanish Tide”

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French pic.

“Larf and Sing/Children”

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1971RepriseSAM 1UK radio promo 

“Larf and Sing/Between Blue and Me”

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1972 Feb
United Artists50882Family - Larf And Sing US promo
US radio promo

“Burlesque/The Rockin’ R’s” (#13 UK)

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1972 NovRepriseK14196
UK issue
1972 Aug
United Artists50951US issue
US pic. (promo)
French pic.
1972RepriseRE14196 Dutch sleeve - frontDutch sleeve - backDutch pic.
1972RepriseREP14196Family - Burlesque German psGerman pic.
Israeli pic.
1972Reprise72701Family - Burlesque Turkish psTurkish pic.
Portuguese pic.
1972RepriseP1189RFamily - Burlesque Japan psJapanese pic.
1972RepriseB14196New Zealand issue
1972RepriseRPA-14002Australian issue 

“My Friend the Sun/Glove”

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1972 DecemberRepriseK14218
1973 Feb
United ArtistsUA-XW171-W
US issue 

“My Friend the Sun”

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1972United ArtistsXW171WUS promo

“Boom Bang/Stop This Car”

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1973 AprilRaftRA18501UK, French pic.
1973Raft??UK issue
1973AtlanticUSD229Yugoslavia pic.
1973WarnersRA18501New Zealand issue

“Sweet Desiree/Drink To You”

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1973 Sep 14
RaftRA18503Family - Sweet Desiree UK issue a side Family - Sweet Desiree UK issue b sideUK
1973 Sep
RaftRA18503Family - Sweet Desiree german psGerman pic.

French pic.
1973RaftNS6630Portuguese pic. 

“It’s Only a Movie/Suspicion”

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1974United ArtistsUA-XW416-W
US issue
1974United Artists Family - It's Only A Movie promoUS promo
“It’s Only A Movie” both sides

“Peace of Mind”

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1972Kinney Music GmbHKIN68004
German anti-drug campaign

“Rock for release”

“My Friend the Sun/Burlesque”

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UK reissue

“Burlesque/In My Own Time/Weaver’s Answer”

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1978RepriseK14487UK reissue
1978RepriseK14487Yugoslavia pic.

“Burlesque/My Friend the Sun”

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1981 Jan
RebeccaBEC577Family - Burlesque 82 reissueUK reissue

John Peel Session: 5/73
“Boom Bang/Buffet Tea/Checkout”

formatdatelabelCat. #other info
12″1988Strange FruitSFPS061
UK issue
1988Strange FruitSFPSCD061
UK issue
1988Dutch East
India Trading Co.
US issue – longbox

single and regular?
CD1989CastleSFPS 061
Dutch issue – single and regular?


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