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  1. Mick White Avatar
    Mick White

    Hi Roger,

    Just wondered if you rec’d my email and any comments you might have. Also, have you come across this Roger Chapman quote on ‘The Weaver’s Answer’? Would love to know where it’s from.

    “I know exactly where I was when I wrote ‘The Weavers Answer.’ We had a gig up north and I finished it overnight, in the van on the way. I was dozing, I woke up and just started writing it. What state I was in is another story! It was back in the days when people used to stay up for five nights on the trot. We didn’t really let a day go by without some form of stimulation, a bit of dope or this and that and the other. I started writing and it all came tumbling out. I had no sense of the music when I wrote it, and I don’t think there was much editing or revising. That was it, and it never changed it was normal for me to write quickly. I was quite prolific.”

    Many thanks,

    Mick White

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