Human Error

Poli Palmer - Human Error

  1. Smoke That Thunders
  2. Salmagundi
  3. Chords
  4. Human Error
  5. Sin Nombre
  6. Old Fulham Fertility Dance
  7. More Thunder

Through the 1980s he toured with Family-singer Roger Chapman for his solo projects. While Palmer was in Germany, he was approached by the head of Erdenklang, a “computer-acoustic music” label, to record a solo album. Human Error was released in 1985, and Palmer declined the offer of a second album.


Poli Palmer had always been a fan of processed sounds; he was running his vibraphone through a synthesizer back in 1971. Here we catch him surrounded by mid-’80s technology. Using a Fairlight CMI sampling synth, electronic vibes, and a bevy of hot players, Palmer creates a crisp, tight contemporary fusion in the vein of the Yellowjackets. But his crazy sampling and computer-generated music, mixed with occasional African tribal singing, delivers a fresh spin on the jazz fusion of the time. Roger Chapman guitarists Steve Simpson and Geoff Whitehorn appear here, with the latter contributing excessive shredding. ~ Patrick Little, All Music Guide

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